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PPR's Tools for Action Summer School will be held on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th August from 10-4pm daily in the UNISON offices, Galway House, York Street, Belfast.

A report published today by human rights organisation, Participation and the Practice of Rights (PPR), authored by economist Paul Gosling, outlines that while an increase in social housing provision could be funded through a policy of promoting mixed tenure (social and affordable) developments, the main barrier to addressing the housing crisis is the lack of political action to make land available.

The NI Executive's consultation on its new Programme for Government( PfG) commits to giving children and young people the best start in life. Yet the reality is that increasing numbers of children in our society are living in poverty, and benefit sanctions are only making a bad situation worse. Despite its supposed commitment to children, the PfG makes no mention of this. A number of international human rights bodies have called on government to human rights impact assess the use of sanctions to ensure that they are fully human rights compliant. The Right to Work: Right to Welfare (R2W) group has developed a set of proposals designed to ensure that any interference by government with people's right to social security is human rights compliant. The Executive should now adopt the People's Proposal and apply it as a proofing mechanism to its Programme for Government to ensure that children are actually given the best start in life.

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