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Vacant land at Dunnes/Hillview in north Belfast capable of addressing chronic housing and employment needs. What will happen next?

The message from government is that the problem of growing unemployment is one of ‘shirkers’ and ‘scroungers’ who need routed through rigorous assessment regimes to wean them off welfare dependency. The message on the wall is that the real failure lies at the door of government.

Four former asylum seekers, all of whom now have refugee status in Northern Ireland, have submitted complaints to both the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) and private contractor Orchard & Shipman, about the disgraceful treatment they were subjected to while under the care of the NIHE during the asylum process. PPR and Housing4All call for establishment of Stormont Committee on Asylum Seekers

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'Things changed because of us'  
Mental Health Activists tell their stories of achieving change in the health system. 15 minute film with inspiring individual testimony by people directly affected by mental health issues and their involvement in campaigning for better mental health services.