Information Youth begins PPR Development Programme

On 7th February 2012, a newly formed group of young people (8-15) from the Lower Shankill estate in Belfast, began the PPR development programme ‘How Communities Can Use Rights’.
Working in partnership with volunteers from Denmark Street Community Centre, who directly support the young people in applying PPR’s approach, Information Youth will identify economic and social problems in their community, carry out research into the extent of human rights concerns, and conduct campaigns to get positive change.
Robert Harris, a long standing volunteer with Denmark Street Community Centre, said:
“The opinions of young people are highly important in this day and age. It’s very positive that young people are taking an interest in their estate, when they are usually the ones who get blamed for problems in the area.  There is a very positive image coming from Information Youth in regards to matters that relate in the Lower Shankill and they need to be taken seriously. These young people are here to make a difference for the long term, and greater community support for their campaigns will be very important.”
PPR will be working closely with the  Denmark Street Community Centre        volunteers and Information Youth over the next three months to develop an effective campaign.