NIHE apology to Seven Towers Residents must be followed by action

In September 2011, during several days of high winds, sections of a 10th floor balcony in Maeve House, which is part of the Seven Towers, were ripped off and the debris landed metres away from a children’s nursery school.

Despite having been warned of the danger the NIHE did not inform over 380 residents of the towers. Residents and members of the public at risk were only made aware through the actions of the STRG when they made the information public last week via BBC Radio Ulster, The Irish News, The Community Telegraph and the North Belfast News.

Seven Towers resident, Angie Mc Manus, who first raised the issue publicly on the Nolan Show said:

“Residents and members of the public were not informed and were not going to be informed until we made this information public. When that happened the NIHE apologised, however, it seems they now intend to do more tests rather than act on the six month old advice of specialists and fix the problem.”
“Since we raised the issue we have been contacted by political representatives and the NIHE and indeed the issues were raised at the NI Assembly Social Development Committee meeting in Stormont.”
“This issue is the tip of the iceberg in relation to how the people of the Seven Towers are viewed and treated by the NIHE. We will be hammering that point home in all of our upcoming meetings with ministers and public servants following the recent publicity. If this latest example of how the NIHE has failed the residents shows anything, it is that residents need to be central to decision making to ensure their needs are prioritised”