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PPR and investigative digital publisher THE Detail are joining forces to work on a major housing project.

Investigative journalist Barry McCaffrey and Elfie Seymour, an activist from the Participation and Practice of Rights (PPR), have both been awarded a prestigious Bertha Fellowship by the Bertha Foundation.

For the next year Barry and Elfie will be exploring how the nexus between property, profit and politics contributes to land and housing injustice in Northern Ireland.

A report that makes ‘stark reading’ was presented to the CEO Sara Long of the Education Authority by pupils from the Right to Education group before school finished last week.  The report title ‘Can Make or Break a Child’ hints at the very personal and difficult experiences shared by children and teachers in the transfer testing process each year.   

SAM88, a suicide prevention charity based in the mid-Ulster area held a very successful community meeting in Magherafelt on Tuesday 18 June. The theme of the meeting was ‘Counselling Saves Lives – it is a vital tool for GPs in suicide prevention and mental health treatment – so why is it so hard to access it? The meeting was attended by a mix of local people, mental health charities, counsellors and elected representatives. Speakers included Christine Rocks SAM88, Bobby Carlin Counsellor and Barry Murray #123GP campaign.

The united message going from this meeting to the Department of Health and the Health and Social Care Board was neatly summed up by the words of one of those in attendance       “stop messing about and provide the funding for counselling that’s needed. Now!”


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'The S.A.F.E.R Campaign'  
Bobby Duffin, member of the Mental Health Rights Campaign outlines the  S.A.F.E.R. Campaign which seeks to improve access to support for those bereaved by suicide.