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123GP campaigners  handed over a petition of over 1800 signatures to the Health and Social Care Board, calling on the Board to adequately fund access to counselling provision via GP practices. Dr. Ian Clements, HSCB Chair accepted the petition on behalf of the Board and indicated that the Board " looked forward to further engagement on this very important issue". Campaigners now look forward to meeting with the Board to progress this issue wtihout delay. 

The Andersonstown News carried an opinion piece by PPR's Development Worker on 12th May 2018.  Click below to read the article.

The #123GP campaign is gathering the experiences of people who have sought help for their mental health from their GP. A new survey has just been launched -  Read on to find out why and how you can contribute your own experiences or those of your loved ones.

Over 90% of people with a mental health problem will be treated by their GP, but all too often people don't receive the care they need. Sadly this can have serious and at times profound consequences for people's health and well-being.   

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'The S.A.F.E.R Campaign'  
Bobby Duffin, member of the Mental Health Rights Campaign outlines the  S.A.F.E.R. Campaign which seeks to improve access to support for those bereaved by suicide.