In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic we have launched a new project in support of marginalised groups and activists campaigning for the realisation of human rights.

#NoOneLeftBehind provides a range of online tools for activists and groups who we are supporting during these unprecedented social, political and economic times.

SOS - Individuals and families most at risk during the pandemic are the very people our society has undervalued and left behind. We must protect them now, and ensure they are never left behind again. You can use SOS to report an abuse, offer support to impacted people or show solidarity by taking online action targeted at the responsible authority.

SOLIDARITY - The needs we are trying to respond to are those which have been created through decades of inequality and austerity. If we are to address these underlying causes, we have to strengthen our bonds. Our SOLIDARITY MAP profiles organisations who are contributing to the relief effort and pushing for long-term change. You can use the map to see what support is available near you and profile your group on the network by filling in the registration form.

VIGILANCE  – We are charting policy changes since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. These should not be 'emergency' policies. They are fundamental rights. We must now build on these emergency protections so that these rights can be permanently guaranteed for all. We are living through a period of information overload. VIGILANCE uses our data scraping technology to provide you with a regularly updated list of the policies and legislation introduced by the government to enhance social and economic rights protections since the pandemic began.

EXPOSURE - At a time when a mass mobilisation of society's resources is required in the interests of public health, it is staggering to realise the extent to which essential goods and services that we depend upon are owned and controlled by private interests: health care, housing, social security, food, utilities, banks and internet provision. Our Corporate Network Explorer is a mapping tool to help you explore the power behind the private companies who are operating in your community. You can use this tool to see exactly who is in control of private interests and what their relationships are with other companies.

SCRUTINY - In this section we are publishing regular original commentary, analysis, poetry, interviews, film and more which scrutinise government action, share tactics for social change, provide inspiring visions and reflect the everyday struggles of our communities during these times.

If you have an idea for the #NoOneLeftBehind project or want to reach out for support or offer support to others please get in touch.