PPR's submission to the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission Inquiry into emergency health care highlights the serious and systemic problems with mental health service design and delivery at A&E settings in Northern Ireland which have consistently failed the most vulnerable.

Using evidence from the work of service users, carers and families bereaved through suicide who have first hand experience of accessing emeregency care, PPR's submission references human rights monitoring and research from the Belfast Mental Health Rights Group (BMHRG) as well as the latest research from groups including the BMHRG, working with PPR accross Northern Ireland in the Mental Health Rights Campaign.

PPR's submission specifically highlights the following;

  • INFORMATION... only 9% of mental health patients and carers have enough information about where to go to get help when in mental health distress
  • WAITING TIMES... 66% of mental health patients and carers view waiting times at A&E as unsatisfactory or very unsatisfactory
  • FOLLOW UP CARE...too many people are still leaving A&E with nothing despite the implementation of the Card Before You Leave system
  • PARTICIPATION...BMHRG's experience of participating in decisions at the Card Before You Leave Board offers vital lessons on how service users and carers' right to participate in government decisions about health care can be made real

The Inquiry plans to hold public hearings over the next few months.

To read a copy of PPR's submission to the Inquiry, please click here.