The #FDAnoDelay campaign seeks to ensure that people who find themselves homeless and living in temporary accommodation, are recognised as in ‘priority need’ of housing and awarded Full Duty Applicant (FDA) Status. This briefing sets our the campaign's analysis and proposal, as well as documenting the response from the state so far.
A consultation opened by the Department for Communities NI on redefining affordable housing closes today. We have summarised the way that the Department for Communities is targeting its limited resources away from homeless families and individuals towards the 30% on the housing list in the least need. Please read our full response to this consultation.
Residents living in homeless hostels in Armagh deliver a letter to NIHE asking why they are not being recognised as full duty applicants (FDA)
Residents living in homeless hostels in Derry deliver a letter to NIHE asking why they are not being recognised as full duty applicants (FDA)
Homeless Not Voiceless Campaigners forced to submit a Freedom of Information Request to obtain a response to the petition they delivered before Christmas.
Housing4All are a group of asylum seekers and supporters who are trying to ensure that the human right to housing is realised for destitute asylum seekers in Northern Ireland. The group actively campaigns against the policies of enforced destitution and housing deprivation. This report will outline the experiences of enforced destitution amongst the asylum seeking community in Belfast, citing the relevant human rights violations which accompany these experiences. We ask that the UN Special Rapporteur for Poverty recognise the damaging impact of enforced destitution on Asylum Seekers by deliberate British State policies.
PPR's evidence on the state of economic and social rights to the UN Rapporteur Philip Alston in advance of his office's investigation into extreme poverty in the UK.

Video Podcasts

Homeless Action activist Mike talks about his experiences of living in hostels and trying to realise his right to housing.