A Human Rights Budget Analysis of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive’s Proposals to Clad the Seven Towers Flats

In 2011, PPR carried out a Human Rights Budget Analysis on Northern Ireland Housing Executive Plans to clad the Seven Towers high rise flats in New Lodge, North Belfast, in PVC cladding. The projected cost was set at £7 million. Based on evidence gathered from housing and health experts, Freedom of Information requests and action research from the residents of the Seven Towers themselves - the analysis asked whether the expenditure represented an efficient and effective use of the maximum available resources in line with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and the Department for Social Development’s international human rights obligations towards the residents.

The full report can be read here.

PPR's aim in bringing this work together was to ensure that any investment into the Seven Towers was carried out with the full participation of residents, to ensure the money was spent in a way that had the maximum positive impact on their poor housing conditions. Ann Blyberg, former Director of the International Human Rights Internship Programme and author of "Budget Work to Advance the Right to Food: “Many a slip…" described the report as:

"simple, clear and strong"

PPR's Human Rights Budget Analysis was subsequently used as a case study for "Expenditues on items that are not effective in guaranteeing rights" in Ann Blybetg and Helena Hofbauer's groundbreaking work on Article 2 & Government Budgets.