PPR is the living legacy of Inez’s lifetime of work. After Inez’s death, the Inez McCormack Fund was set up to support the work of PPR, the organisation she established. Donations to the Inez McCormack Fund help fund PPR to continue Inez’s work in supporting vulnerable and marginalised groups to use their human rights to make tangible changes in their lives. 

This includes:

Organising marginalised groups to assert and claim their human rights, build innovative alliances and create solutions to chronic social problems.

Supporting an annual Joint Forum for groups working with PPR to share the learning from their campaigns and across groups, issues, jurisdictions.

The provision of bursaries, childcare, and other forms of practical support to remove barriers for marginalised groups and individuals wishing to take part in PPR's annual Joint Forum, accredited educational courses and activities.  These will include, but not be limited to PPR’s OCN courses and the PPR Tools for Action Summer School

The development of the Inez McCormack Archive, which will include  speeches, articles, correspondence, audio and records of interviews and speeches delivered by Inez throughout her life.

If you would like to make a donation to The Inez McCormack Fund please use the secure PayPal donation form in the sidebar