SEVENOscar-winning actress Meryl Streep portrayed Inez McCormack in the Vital Voices documentary play SEVEN, in March 2010. The play, introduced by Hillary Clinton, commenced the three day Women in the World summit in New York City.

SEVEN tells the inspiring personal stories of Inez and six other courageous women leaders from around the world who have triumphed over enormous obstacles to create major positive change in their home countries of Northern Ireland, Russia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Guatemala, and Cambodia. The play has been performed in 15 countries around the world and translated into 11 languages.

Hedda Krausz Sjögren, producer of SEVEN paid tribute to Inez:

I was fortunate enough to meet her many times after commencing my work with SEVEN, and experienced her amazing ability to inspire to intelligent action. One of her many remarkable gifts was to pose the right question – the question that unlocked possibilites, created dialouge and energy.To date many hundred persons in Sweden and many other countries, have read her role in Seven, and it is an inspiering thought that her voice will continue to be heard. In her characteristic wry way she said when I visited her sick bed in November: “I am creating an agenda of effective annoyance to be implemented when I am gone” – always pointing a finger at power. She will be very greatly missed.

Carol K Mack, One Playwright of SEVEN

(pictured with Inez and Hedda)

I had the honour of interviewing Inez over the course of many months to create a portrait of her and of her remarkable life's journey in her words for the documentary play SEVEN that I conceived seven years ago to illuminate the work of seven women leaders in the Vital Voices network. As the years passed and SEVEN, traveled around the globe ,Inez' powerful human rights work, her unique way of seeing, her humour, kindness and courage has inspired many people in many countries. When Seven opened in New York City on Martin Luther King Day, January 21, 2008, the real Inez sat on stage to answer questions after the performance as her wonderful , warm, gifted, generous and attentive self. During these past five years we traveled together and became close friends. My last visit was a few months ago when Inez was very ill but still had a smile in her eyes and a delight in being with her friends.

The loss of Inez is devastating and I extend my sympathy to those who were the joy of her life: her husband Vinny, her daughter Anne, her son-in-law Mark and her grandchildren, Maisie and Jamie. I feel strongly that her legacy is in our hands now and we must continue in her memory to be sure that everyone has a seat at the table