Inez Mc Cormack, PPR's founder always told us to name the problem if we hope to tackle it.   The housing crisis is getting worse and women and children are worst affected.  Today, over 20,000 children are waiting for a place to call home in our society. This is no accident. Political parties and big developers dictate housing policy.  Decision makers routinely exclude the voices of women and children.  Nowhere is this more clear than at Hillview Retail Park, Crumlin Road, North Belfast. 

As part of International Women's day celebrations the Crumlin Road will be temporaily renamed 'Inez McCormack Street' in her memory of her and in solidarity with homeless women and children demanding rights and dignity. #EqualityCantWait - #BuildHomesNow

Time and date - Monday 4th March, 11am at Carlisle Circus end of Crumlin Road  

Please join us in solidarity