Overwhelming support from district Councils for the People’s Proposal

Most of the Councils have passed motions calling for the implementation of the People’s Proposal by the Department for Communities. 7 out of the 11 Councils have passed motions calling on the Department to ‘introduce a simple but vital checklist for social security decision makers’.

They have all written to Leo O’Reilly Permanent Secretary, calling on him to issue guidance to Decision Makers, that would make sure that decision making is fair and that nobody has their last pennies taken off them and left with no money.

As we still have no Assembly the local Councils play an important role in ensuring accountability from government departments. The Right 2 Work group looks forward to the remaining few Councils getting behind the People’s Proposal.

As well as the Councils, the People’s Proposal is supported by all of the main political parties bar one, major trade unions including NIPSA which represents social security staff, as well as having widespread support among the advice sector and the community and voluntary sectors.