PIP assessments are harming vulnerable people – they must be scrapped

Everybody knows that the PIP assessment process is causing enormous anxiety and distress to people. At its worst is affecting people’s physical and mental health to a point of despair which has driven people in some instances to take their own lives.

The Department for Communities is paying a private company, Capita, up to £60million pounds to put 125,000 people through a PIP assessment as part of the wider welfare reform agenda to cut money from the social security budget.  The result is that almost half of all people assessed end up losing their money.

The Department for Communities is carrying out an independent review of the PIP assessment process. This review has finished gathering evidence and is due to report in June 2018.

PPR has told the Review that the current PIP assessment process is an abuse of people’s rights and should be scrapped. It is rigged to fail – it excludes the person’s own story, their medical evidence and the essential criteria they meet (the descriptors).

It should be replaced by a process that puts the person at the centre, that listens to them and trusts them, and that uses their own evidence as well as evidence from their GP and other health professionals involved with them to make the right decision.

The Right to Work:Right to Welfare (R2W campaign) has information and advice on what people can do to insist that PIP assessors make a decision based on all relevant information. Click here to read our leaflet.

Click here to read PPR's submission to Independent Review of PIP Assessment Process.