PPR policy work primarily functions in direct service of the groups of people we support to assert their rights. We work to demystify and break down international and domestic legislation and policy standards so that they are accessible to people experiencing social and economic abuses.

PPR believes that the true 'experts' in human rights are those who are directly affected by rights violations. Decisions around the policy and research work we do is driven by our groups and the issues they campaign on.

In the early stages of working with a group, we assist them to identify issues to campaign on with a strong basis in international human rights law. We also work to identify the local policy standards and mechanisms that apply to the issue, assist them with Freedom of Information requests, survey design and monitoring reports. Solid policy and research support enables our groups to compare international human rights and local policy standards with the reality they experience on the ground. It also supports them to gather evidence for their campaign, and attract powerful allies in the international human rights field.

PPR does not concentrate efforts on consultation structures and mechanisms as a vehicle for change. However, PPR does on occasion respond to government consultation exercises which are relevant to the work of each campaign, using the work of the groups we support and the human rights framework to lay a 'paper trail' identifying the outcomes of government decision making in the areas we work in.

A sample of recent PPR consultation responses and submissions are available to view below:

Consultation responses:

(2017) PPR response to NIHE consultation on the Homelessness Strategy for Northern Ireland (2017-2022)

(2016) PPR response to Dept of Health's Draft Strategy for Suicide Prevention in North of Ireland

(2015) PPR response to Draft Statutory Guidance for the Operation of Community Planning Local Government Act NI (2014)

(2015) PPR response to Belfast City Council draft Social Clauses policy

(2014) PPR response to DSD commissioned research to inform a fundamental review of social housing allocations policy

(2014) PPR response to request for factual comments on the Ministry of Justice draft periodic report of the United Kingdom which is to be submitted to the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

(2014) PPR response to DSD consultation on the Proposed Housing (Anti-Social Behaviour) Bill (Northern Ireland)

(2013) PPR response to NIHE consultation on the Equality Impact Assessment for Proposed Changes to the Housing Selection Scheme

(2013) PPR response to HSC consultation on the Proposed Future Configuration of Emergency Departments in Belfast

(2013) PPR response to HSC consultation on "Transforming Your Care; A Vision to Action"

(2013)  PPR response to DSD consultation on the service design plans for the Provision of Discretionary Support

(2012) PPR response to DSD consultation "Facing the Future; Northern Ireland Housing Strategy 2012-17"



(2014) PPR submission to United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing call for contributions on the Responsibilities of Sub-National Governments

(2014) PPR submission to NI Assembly OFMDFM Committee Inquiry into Together Building a United Community (TBUC)

(2014) PPR Submission to the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission's Inquiry into Emergency Healthcare