BMHRG Workshop

During the last 6 years the Belfast Mental Health Rights Group (BMHRG) have gathered evidence about problems in mental health services from other service users and carers through surveys, case studies and focus groups. BMHRG held workshops showcasing the CBYL campaign using a short film they made called, ‘What We Know About Change’.

The workshops were attended by mental health groups, community activists and NGOs. Participants’ feedback told us that there is a desire among other groups and individuals to use the PPR rights based approach to tackle deep rooted problems in mental health services. It also demonstrated the need for PPR to expand its rights based work to benefit more people.


We are now working to expand our campaigning to bring about real service improvements across NI and to expand our rights based work to benefit more people.

We would like to offer groups across Northern Ireland the opportunity to learn more about getting change. We offer workshops on our work including one on ‘What we know about change’, a short film we made about what we learned about how to campaign successfully on the issues that affect us most.

Recently we have run workshops with Twaddell and Woodvale Residents Association and a group from Ardmonagh. One participant at a workshop commented:

Knowledge is power – I have much to learn – even tonight’s introductory workshop and the personal contribution from group members was emotive and inspiring’.

If you are interested in finding out more phone 02890 313315 or email