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#socialchange state side comes to an end.....

I was extremely fortunate to spend Saturday picnicking with some more of the ladies from the NDWA as well as some familiar faces from Adhikaar. Central Park was buzzing and it was great seeing the activists and their families come together to enjoy the the day.  Whilst there I couldn't help but notice a hive of other activity, there were groups of dance troops and performers. I happened to be able to spend a bit of the afternoon with a group known as 'Building a Catalan Republic'.

Breaking Ground....

Today was spent East side with Winston, another of Frank's colleagues who organises 'Manhattan Together'. Like Jersey Together they are an affiliate of the IAF.  The day started with a follow up meeting between Winston and the local Parish Priest Fr. Sean.  This was regarding previous complaints from public housing tenants throughout the area made to NYCHA [New York City Housing Authority] around maintainence issues, heating, dampness etc.