We live in a world where Sainsbury’s will share CCTV footage of your shopping trip with social security decision makers and mobile phone usage and spending patterns are routinely monitored by the Home Office. The growing use of digital technologies within the social security system in Northern Ireland have been advanced with little or no oversight or scrutiny by the body politic, by oversight bodies or by the media. PPR is pleased therefore that the UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty Professor Philip Alston decided to call for evidence on the impact on human rights of the introduction of digital technologies into social protection systems. Our submission covers the use of digital technologies to investigate 'fraud and error', the reliance of government on private companies to design, build and operate digital technologies in social security, lessons from the operation of the immigration system and the differential impacts of these technologies on rural communities and on people living in poverty. It makes a series of recommendations including the development of a set of Guiding Principles by the UN and the banning of private companies from social security assessments.