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  • First Housing Hearing
Communities across north Belfast contain some of the highest levels of deprivation and inequality in Northern Ireland with regard to health, education, employment and housing. The regeneration of Girdwood Barracks and Crumlin Road Gaol, a 27 acre site, represents a major opportunity to improve the quality of life for residents. On 28th May 2008, a diverse group of residents from the communities surrounding the regeneration site were convened as a Residents' Jury to hear evidence from local, national, and international perspectives on how regeneration can improve quality of life in accordance with international human rights standards. Prior to the event, the group had completed a development programme with the PPR Project about human rights, equality, participation, accountability and urban regeneration. The Residents' Jury are developing human rights indicators and benchmarks to ensure that the rights of the most disadvantaged groups within the surrounding communities, are central to the regeneration process.