The Belfast Mental Health Rights Group was one of the first groups PPR worked with, and have been together since 2006. Their members have personal or family experience of mental health issues and suicide/self harm. The group led a successful campaign for a ‘Card Before You Leave’ (CBYL) appointments system for mental health patients to ensure those in mental health crisis left Accident and Emergency Departments with a card  bearing the date of their next appointment. This change was put in place across Northern Ireland.

Since 2013, PPR’s work on mental health has grown across Northern Ireland, and we now also work with groups with direct experience of mental health services in Draperstown and Cookstown.

Every GP should have a counsellor based in their practice - one woman's positive experience of getting help from her GP

'My GP listens, he doesn’t rush me in and out, he doesn’t just hand out tablets, he offers other things before medication' - one woman talks about her positive experience of accessing mental health care through her GP, and calls for all GP practices to be equipped with both a counsellor and a mental health worker. 

My battle to access talking therapy

"T here is vast power in talking, in having your trauma acknowledged by another human being. In interacting with someone who treats you with respect to balance out the degradation and the stigma. When I look back on those really awful months now, the ones where I had no services and the wrong meds, I am convinced that it was talking therapies that kept me going.  It is very sad then that there are so many GP practices which don't offer talking therapies, that it is left at the discretion of the practice and not treated as a necessity

The story of one woman battle to access mental health services.

Equality Can't Wait and Housing for All campaigners meet with UN's Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty

Families impacted by welfare reform, homelessness and enforced destitution met with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and Human Rights, Professor Philip Alston in Belfast on Saturday 10 November 2018 to share their experiences as well as their proposals for change.


GPs have a critcial role to play in Suicide Prevention #WSPD18


We invite you to take the #123GP quiz. It only takes 2 minutes - you’ll be sure to learn a lot!

The purpose of this quiz is to raise awareness of the #123GP campaign for GPs to be equipped with better mental health care, including training in suicide prevention. 


Click on this link to start


Shout it to the top - campaigning for better mental  health services

Note: This is an edited transcript of an interview with Kirsty Scott and Kathy Gilliland, both of whom are activists with the Mental Health Rights Campaign,  at a meeting in Mindwise on 25 July 2018.  These two women are strong, brave, smart, funny and cheeky!  You will be inspired by what they have to say about their fight for better mental health services for all.


Q: Can you start by telling us a little about yourself and how you became involved in mental health rights campaigning?

#123GP campaigners meet with Health and Social Care Board

Statement from #123GP campaign following their meeting with the Health and Social Care Board in relation to the proposal to increase funding for and access to GP practice based counselling

GPs, counsellors and patients unite in call for increased funding for counselling

In an open letter to the Health and Social Care Board ( HSCB) published today by the #123GP campaign, as it prepares to meet with the Board on 21 Aug 2018,  over 40 organisations and individuals have issued a joint call to the Board  to ensure that funding for counselling is significantly increased in line with need and that access to counselling provision in all GP practices is made available.

Stop pretending things are ok - fund mental health in line with need


If money was no problem we would get all the services we asked for but money seems to come first and it makes me angry”                              

                                                                                                                       Mental health service user

123GP campaigners handed over a petition to the HSCB calling for adequate funding for GP based counselling

123GP campaigners  handed over a petition of over 1800 signatures to the Health and Social Care Board, calling on the Board to adequately fund access to counselling provision via GP practices. Dr. Ian Clements, HSCB Chair accepted the petition on behalf of the Board and indicated that the Board " looked forward to further engagement on this very important issue". Campaigners now look forward to meeting with the Board to progress this issue wtihout delay. 

 “The price of an ice-cream!  #123GP campaign calls for GPs to be properly funded to provide access to counselling for all patients who need it”

The #123GP campaign hand over a petition later today, Thursday 14 June 2018, to the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB), calling on them to immediately address the woefully inadequate funding for in-house provision of counselling in GP practices.  


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