The Belfast Mental Health Rights Group was one of the first groups PPR worked with, and have been together since 2006. Their members have personal or family experience of mental health issues and suicide/self harm. The group led a successful campaign for a ‘Card Before You Leave’ (CBYL) appointments system for mental health patients to ensure those in mental health crisis left Accident and Emergency Departments with a card  bearing the date of their next appointment. This change was put in place across Northern Ireland.

Since 2013, PPR’s work on mental health has grown across Northern Ireland, and we now also work with groups with direct experience of mental health services in Draperstown and Cookstown.

Call for promises made to family to be kept

The Belfast Mental Health Rights Group has expressed its concern about continuing failures in mental health services at Belfast Trust.

Delta Packaging a major employer in West Belfast held a mental health information event last Thursday 4th February in its premises at Kennedy Way Industrial Estate.

Employing around 300 –  the company’s management is keen to ensure staff can access the right support and information relating to mental health when they or their family/friends need it. Organisation attending the event included Belfast Mental Health Rights Group, EBCDA, PIPs, and CONTACT (Lifeline) Fergal Doyle Human Resource Manager highlighted the importance of good health in this growing company:

PPR is delighted to announce that it was recently successful in securing 3 years funding from Comic Relief for the continuation of its mental health campaign work. The new funding is vindication of the hard work and success of the groups who make up the campaign network.

PPR provides tools and support to marginalised groups actively asserting their right to participate in economic and social decisions which affect their lives.

United Nations human rights expert, Maria Virginía Brás Gomes, recently visited Belfast and held discussions with local PPR groups campaigning for improvements on housing, employment, mental health and social security rights.  

Ms. Brás Gomes is a member of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and will be examining the UK government’s human rights performance in 2016.

Today Belfast Mental Health Rights Group (BMHRG) met with the Health and Social Care Board to express concern that a ‘lifeline’ appointment system is failing.

The Belfast Mental Health Rights Group (BMHRG)   a group of mental health patients, carers and families who have lost loved ones to suicide met with members of the Health and Social Care Board to raise their concerns about the implementation of the Card Before You Leave system.

Julie and Grace with the NIHRC report

Mental health patients, carers and families bereaved through suicide have welcomed the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission’s support of their call for full implementation of a ‘vital’ scheme for people in mental health crisis at A&E.

The Belfast Mental Health Rights Group (BMHRG) was responding to the launch of the report from the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC)’s Inquiry into Emergency Care on Wednesday (27th May 2015).

In October 2013, Belfast Mental Health Rights Group was awarded the Stephen Pittam Social Justice Award in recognition of their innovative and inspiring work. The award recognised the work of the group in mobilising others around mental health issues, their achievements in securing policy change with the ‘Card before You Leave Scheme’ and their use of PPR’s Human Rights Based Approach to ensure the government lives up to their commitment to the right to the highest attainable standard of health.

The Mental Health Rights Campaign (MHRC) is delighted to announce that the Health and Social Care Board has agreed that mental health will now be included in the public information material in Year 2 of the Choose Well campaign, which is due to run in the Winter of 2014. Pressure mounted on the government to include mental heatlh when the MHRC gathered support from MLAs from all parties in the Northern Ireland Assembly  Health Committee as well as almost 1000 individuals and groups impacted by mental health.

'Powerful evidence' was how the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission described the testimony of Belfast Mental Health Rights Group (BMHRG) members Grace Cassidy and Julie Magee at the recent Public Hearing of the Commission's Inquiry into Emergency Care.


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