In 2007 PPR began working with residents in the Seven Towers high rise complex in North Belfast. Decades of neglect and poor maintenance have left the Seven Towers severely run down. That families continue to be housed in poor conditions in high rise housing points to the real issue – that years after the end of the conflict, housing inequality impacting Catholics in North Belfast continues to exist.

The group have achieved significant improvements in the flats complex including; the removal of pigeon waste from communal landings, the replacement of the sewage system which frequently overflowed through baths and sinks, changes in multimillon pound plans which ignored residents needs and the re-housing of the majority of families into more suitable accommodation. In 2012 they launched the ‘Equality Can’t Wait’ campaign, involving residents from across North Belfast impacted by the issue. The group are calling for a time-bound, resourced strategy to finally tackle housing inequality in North Belfast.

Affordable Housing Definition Changes

A consultation opened by the Department for Communities NI on redefining affordable housing closes today. 

We have summarised the way that the Department for Communities is targeting its limited resources away from homeless families and individuals towards the 30% on the housing list in the least need. 

This includes ignoring the 15,000 children who are currently homeless in Northern Ireland. 

Elfie Seymour and Barry McCaffrey(left) attending a recent housing protest in Belfast Photo: Chris Scott

PPR and investigative digital publisher THE Detail are joining forces to work on a major housing project.

Investigative journalist Barry McCaffrey and Elfie Seymour, an activist from the Participation and Practice of Rights (PPR), have both been awarded a prestigious Bertha Fellowship by the Bertha Foundation.

For the next year Barry and Elfie will be exploring how the nexus between property, profit and politics contributes to land and housing injustice in Northern Ireland.

On 2 July 2019 a group of long-term homeless hostel residents dressed as superheroes and were joined by elected representatives to deliver research to the Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE).

The group have been documenting the experiences of homeless people across 22 hostels for the last year

PPR highlights obstacles to securing state accountability for social and economic rights to UN

29 March 2019 


PPR responds to call for  input from UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights regarding state accountabilty 



Homeless people gather at ‘future of housing’ conference  in Belfast to raise money to pay for entry. [i]

Inez Mc Cormack, PPR's founder always told us to name the problem if we hope to tackle it.   The housing crisis is getting worse and women and children are worst affected.  Today, over 20,000 children are waiting for a place to call home in our society. This is no accident. Political parties and big developers dictate housing policy.  Decision makers routinely exclude the voices of women and children.  Nowhere is this more clear than at Hillview Retail Park, Crumlin Road, North Belfast. 

Housing4All present report on asylum seekers experience of poverty to UN Special Rapporteur Phillip Alston

On Saturday 10th November 2018, representatives of the Housing4All group presented their report Enforced Destitution: Experiences of Destitution amongst the Asylum Seeking Population in Belfast to the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme Poverty Professor Phillip Alston.


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