Housing4All are a group of asylum seekers and supporters who are trying to ensure that the human right to housing is realised for destitute asylum seekers in Northern Ireland. The group actively campaigns against the policies of enforced destitution and housing deprivation. This report will outline the experiences of enforced destitution amongst the asylum seeking community in Belfast, citing the relevant human rights violations which accompany these experiences. We ask that the UN Special Rapporteur for Poverty recognise the damaging impact of enforced destitution on Asylum Seekers by deliberate British State policies.
PPR's evidence on the state of economic and social rights to the UN Rapporteur Philip Alston in advance of his office's investigation into extreme poverty in the UK.
The Seven Towers Residents Group has been working with Participation and Practice of Rights Project since 2006. They use a human rights based approach to campaign for change around identified problems which conflict with their right to an adequate standard of living. Using indicators and benchmarks the residents have been able to monitor whether their rights are being progressively realised or not.

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On 23rd January 2009, residents from the Seven Towers presented evidence they collected over the past year about the human rights indicators they had set. While residents have seen progress on some of their indicators, they have found others less easily changed. The hearing will offer the chance for the group to consider how best to continue their campaign and to focus on issues to ensure real change for residents on the ground.
Part 2 of the Evidence Hearing on the Right to Housing held by residents of the Seven Towers in Belfast with a panel of international housing rights experts.
On 13th June 2007, residents of the Seven Towers in Belfast held an Evidence Hearing on the Right to Housing with a panel of international housing rights experts. They presented their human rights benchmarks and indicators about the housing rights violations they had researched and experienced. The testimonies were supplemented by evidence from other housing and human rights organisations, academics, and lawyers. The preliminary findings of the international panel were released in early July 2007, with more comprehensive findings released later that summer.