R2W Group launch at Corporation Street Dole office

Right to Work: Right to Welfare group, which calls on government to ‘do their job’ and create employment opportunities today (Monday 25 March) launched their new campaign in the Golden Thread Gallery.

As part of the campaign the group produced a short documentary film made up enitirely of interviews with people who are out of work and signing on at the North Delfast dole office. Click here to view.

Research conducted by the group highlights evidence on long term unemployment, ineffective government Back to Work schemes and critical shortcomings in the benefits system.

Key findings include:

  • 72% of unemployed people, who were able to work, haven’t had a job in over a year.
  • 64% of unemployed people who responded to the survey didn’t get a single interview for a job in the last 6 months.
  • Only 5% of people surveyed got a job after participating in a government ‘back to work scheme’.
  • 37% of those surveyed had received a sanction for being late or missing an appointment.
  • Only 2% were accused of fraud.
  • 64% of people surveyed did not have enough information to make an appeal.

To view a copy of the Indicators and Benchmarks booklet, click here.