Housing4All are a group of asylum seekers and supporters campaigning to ensure that people seeking asylum in Northern Ireland are given the opportunity to lead dignified and secure lives. 

Housing4All are a group of asylum seekers and supporters campaigning to ensure that people seeking asylum in Northern Ireland are given the opportunity to lead dignified and secure lives.

The group was founded in 2015 in direct response to the deliberate state policy of enforced destitution whereby people who have had their claims for asylum refused are left street homeless even if they have further legal remedies to pursue. We mobilised on this issue and conducted surveys with destitute asylum seekers in the city of Belfast. In May 2016 we launched our first report and proposals for action. Since then we have continued to lobby both the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and the Department for Communities for change.

As time progressed it became clear that enforced destitution was not the only issue but rather one of a series of deliberate state policies designed to make the lives of asylum seekers unbearable. These policies have become infamously known as the hostile environment. In November 2018 we surveyed again, this time with a larger audience covering a wider range of issues. In June 2019 we launched another report A Prison without Walls which identified 6 major issues for people seeking asylum in Northern Ireland; destitution, housing conditions, food poverty, children’s rights, mental health, and the right to work. We are now in a phase of continued campaigning and monitoring of the rights of asylum seekers living here in Northern Ireland.


Report from May 2016: https://www.pprproject.org/a-place-of-refuge-report-calls-for-action-from-executive-to-end-homelessness-and-destitution

Report from June 2019: https://www.pprproject.org/resource-document/a-prison-without-walls-asylum-migration-and-human-rights

PPR is seeking to recruit a Development Worker to support and organise with Housing4All, a group of asylum seekers, refugees and supporters campaigning to end destitution and secure the right to housing for all people seeking asylum.

In January 2017 the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee released the report of their inquiry into Asylum Accommodation 

Four former asylum seekers, all of whom now have refugee status in Northern Ireland, have submitted complaints to both the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) and private contractor Orchard & Shipman, about the disgraceful treatment they were subjected to while under the care of the NIHE during the asylum process. PPR and Housing4All call for establishment of Stormont Committee on Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers in Belfast have reported problems with their accommodation for years; issues range from poor quality accommodation; lack of adequate heating; ineffective complaint structures; intimidation; constantly being moved; and much more.

These problems are widespread, and have been reported in all of the regions of the UK.

A damning report into homelessness and destitution amongst asylum seekers in Northern Ireland, entitled ‘A Place of Refuge: A monitor of homelessness among destitute asylum seekers - A proposal for action’, was released today (11th May 2016). The research, which involved interviews with 36 destitute asylum seekers, was carried out by the newly formed Housing4All campaign group supported by PPR.

Right to Remain's vision is a world in which everyone can exercise their right to remain with dignity and humanity, where they need to be.

We work with communities, groups and organisations across the UK, helping people to navigate the UK’s confusing and hostile asylum and immigration system. 

No one leaves home,
Unless home is the mouth of a shark,
You only run for the border,
When you see the whole city running as well.
An extract from the poem "Home" by Warsan Shire

On Monday 16th September 2019 a group of hostel residents and local councillors launched “Housing Rights Watch” – an app that will allow them to directly apply to the Housing Executive Chief Executive for official homeless status utilising the formal complaints process.



On Wednesday 18 September 2019 the Lord Mayor of Belfast, John Finucane, unveiled a mural created by homeless families on the city’s famous International Wall.

Housing 4 All, a campaign group of asylum seekers and supporters, met with the Lord Mayor, Nuala McAllister today to ask for support to end destitution among asylum seekers in NI and ensure that they all receive social services assessment.



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