Seven Towers Residents Group

As the Minister for Social Development, Nelson Mc Causland MLA, addressed the NI Assembly on Girdwood last Thursday (5th July 2012), the Seven Towers Residents Group went on a tour of the constituency offices of north Belfast politicians, asking what they are doing to address chronic housing inequalities in their constituency.

The action takes place in the wake of recent announcements concerning housing proposals for the 27 acre Girdwood site in north Belfast, and revelations of public money being wasted by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and Department for Social Development in relation to repairs and maintenance.

Holding a copy of the Girdwood aerial photo with the message ‘Equality Can’t Wait’ north Belfast residents; Róisín Kelly, Brenda Menham, Angie Mc Manus and Marissa Mc Mahon with her daughter Luighseach staged a photo shoot for the press, playing on the recent photo shoot of north Belfast politicians as they launched new plans on Girdwood which ignore long standing inequalities.

Having addressed the media the group then went on a tour of the north Belfast constituency offices of each of the elected representatives with letters asking what they are doing to address inequality.

The initiative was part of ongoing actions by the group to hold public bodies, government departments and political representatives to account for their equality commitments under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

Residents continue to collect hundreds of petition signatures across north Belfast asking the Minister for Social Development to build and allocate housing on the basis of proven need.


You can help by clicking here to sign the petition online

You can view the campaign video Equality Can't Wait here