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Last week Social Development Minister Nelson McCausland MLA announced plans to dissolve the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and restructure the delivery of social housing. PPR's Policy and Research Support Officer Kate Ward expressed alarm at the Minister's plans for social housing stating:

"The recognised and documented statistical evidence about serious religious inequality in social housing in Northern Ireland, which has attracted the attention of both the United Nations and the European Commission, is not mentioned once in a Strategy which runs to almost sixty pages."

"Indeed, that the NI Executive and DSD can show disregard for the findings of these authorities – findings which should ring alarm bells given the history of civil disturbance in Northern Ireland – is an indication of the growing levels of unaccountability and non-evidence based decision making the heart of our government."

"In a post-NIHE housing era in Northern Ireland, the principles of equality and objective need must be adhered to. Otherwise, rather than ‘Facing the Future’, we will be 'Reliving the Past'."

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The Detail has also produced an investigation into the extent of repossessions in Northern Ireland. PPR's Kate Ward said:

“The statistics on home repossessions in Northern Ireland when read alongside existing social housing statistics in relation to both the demand for housing and the increasing numbers of people declaring themselves homeless, are deeply concerning.

“PPR’s work in social housing in north Belfast, an area of chronic housing need, has consistently highlighted a social housing system which fails to provide for the most vulnerable. It is from this experience that it has become clear that the increase in home repossessions will for many be a case of out of the frying pan into the fire.”

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