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  • Right to Work : Right to Welfare
  • Right to Work : Right to Welfare

The Peoples Proposal

The People’s Proposal constitutes a simple checklist for social security decision makers, which if implemented, would safeguard people’s rights to:

  1. Due process at all stages of decision making within the social security system, affording people the right to timely information, consultation, representation and full consideration of all the evidence
  2. Impact assessment prior to a financial sanction being imposed in order to determine the likely impact of an individual and their family

The Department for Communities can introduce these administrative steps into the social security decision making process, without the need for legislative or regulatory amendments, and without any involvement from Westminster.

Click here to read the Peoples Proposal. To date the #PeoplesProposal has secured the support of the following political parties – SDLP, UUP, Sinn Féin, Green Party, People Before Profit, as well as major trade union bodies NIC-ICTU and NIPSA, the Children’s Commissioner and a number of advice sector organisations.