PPR supports groups and residents to participate in urban regeneration schemes to ensure that processes and investment are targeted towards progressing the social and economic rights of marginalised people affected.

The people PPR work with use human rights tools such as Equality Impact Assessments, Freedom of Information requests, public procurement processes, budget analysis, and indicators and benchmarks to monitor and campaign to ensure economic development produces social progress and equality.

PPR has worked on regeneration initiatives with the Girdwood Residents Jury, Lower Shankill Regeneration Board and interface workers across North, South, East and West Belfast.

Last week saw the escalation of a number of campaigns across Belfast by the homeless, those living in poor housing and communities being squeezed by a pro-developer agenda within Belfast City Council and systematically excluded from decision making processes impacting the future of their families and communities.

Rathcoole Regeneration Group, supported by PPR, have welcomed the decision by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive to rent out 30 publicly owned but empty flats in their area to address housing need, but are insistent that much more needs to be done to fulfil housing rights obligations impacting their community.

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