We have launched a spoof video, imagining a world where internet providers in Ireland have done the right thing, and opened up their service to all. Please check out our guide on how to maximise its impact on the companies themselves.
We're calling on telecommunications industry leaders to work swiftly with Dáil Éireann and the Northern Ireland Executive to immediately open up all WiFi hotspots cost-free and to waive the prohibitive charges for households who are unable to access decent broadband connection. Over 200 organisations and individuals have joined us in this call, and you can too at https://bit.ly/netaccess4all
For the last 3 years Footprints Women’s Centre and human rights organisation Participation and the Practice of Rights have been working with women from the Colin neighbourhood who came together to tackle their concerns around the way in which the PSNI currently approach Non-Molestation orders. The group has now formed as Footprints Women’s Movement and has gathered evidence on the impact of domestic violence in their community and, more specifically the effectiveness of Non- Molestation Orders as a response to domestic violence. Our concerns are based upon the actual experience of women living in the Colin neighbourhood who have been issued with Non-Molestation Orders and the experience of Footprints Women’s Centre who have provided essential support services to women and children affected by domestic violence for more than twenty years. Our aim is to use our experience to make change for others experiencing domestic violence.