PPR's work and that of our groups has led to real change, both at policy and grassroots level. 

Some examples include:

Change on the Ground

  • A £900,000 investment by the Northern Ireland Housing into a local high rise flats (Seven Towers, North Belfast) to install a new sewage system
  • The removal of pigeon waste from the landings of residents’ homes in Seven Towers which accumulated over years, exacerbating asthma in children who lived there and creating mite infestation, and was never cleaned. As a result of PPR’s work a regular cleansing system was put in place
  • Achieved a review of the proposed £7 million scheme to invest in the Seven Towers flats which did not address residents’ needs. An improved tender was re-issued.
  • Secured the re-housing of over 60 families with small children out of the Seven Towers flats into more appropriate accommodation
  • Since 2010, approximately 160 people in mental health crisis per month presenting themselves to A&E have received assessments and an entry point into mental health services as a result of the Card Before You Leave scheme which was secured by the Belfast Mental Health Rights Group
  • Secured the opening of a local youth centre in the Lower Shankill from one night a week to five nights a week.
  • Chairing the Lower Shankill Regeneration Board, and directing the campaign, PPR secured first social housing to be built in the area in over 20 years (39 units).
  • Supported parents and students at Northern Ireland's only Irish medium post-primary school, Coláiste Feirste, to secure n initial £210,000 three year budget to provide transportation to over 120 students to the school from across Belfast and Newtownabbey. This campaign set groundbreaking precedents on how the Good Friday Agreement's commitment to "encourage and facilitate" the development of the Irish language could be brought forward. 

Policy Change

  • Improvements made to the Belfast Trust’s Serious Adverse Incident Review procedure allowing families to make their own record of meetings, the creation of a user-friendly information pack on the process for families, and the appointment of a Family Liaison Officer to support bereaved family members.
  • Campaigned for the first ever Equality Impact Assessment being carried out on an urban regeneration scheme, the £231m Girdwood Barracks and Crumlin Raod Gaol project
  • Successfully lobbied the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (UNCESCR) to include specific Concluding Observations to the UK government on Catholic housing inequality in Northern Ireland, urban regeneration and mental health
  • Achieved the withdrawal of a regeneration plan in the Lower Shankill (West Belfast) and its redevelopment with the full participation of residents and secured a cross-sectoral working group to bring forward new regeneration plans, including Ministerial commitment to work on ground-breaking employment clauses in the procurement contracts.
  • The passing of the REAL JOBS NOW motion through Belfast City Council guaranteeing ring-fenced and fully paid jobs and apprenticeships for the long term unemployed through the Council's procurement budget and £150m investment programme
  • Formally advised the Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure on the incorporation of groundbreaking ‘equality clauses’ into £42m of government procurement contracts to provide real jobs and apprenticeships for the long-term unemployed